Hey, Goddess.

Are you ready for unwavering self-love and confidence?

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re very successful but have a hard time believing you’re worthy of your success
  • You’re a strong woman, but sometimes you struggle with showing your strength to the world and that’s caused you to miss out on some major opportunities in your life
  • You’re consistently stressed out and wound up because you have way too much on your plate
  • You’re always comparing yourself to other women and their successes, their families, their relationships, and how they present themselves to the world
  • You find it really difficult (if not altogether impossible) to forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made - big and small
  • You hold yourself to a higher standard than you would expect of anyone else
  • Your confidence is more “fake it ‘till you make it” than it is a true belief that you are incredible
  • You avoid looking inward for fear of what you might find within your heart, your soul, and your mind


How would your life improve if, instead, you…

  • Had complete confidence in who you are as a person, and had no resistance in showing your true self to the world
  • Believed that you are worthy of every bit of your success and all of the greatness that is to come in your life
  • No longer compared yourself to others or passed any judgement because you are packed full of love and positivity instead of negativity 
  • Finally let yourself off of the hook for the mistakes you made over the course of your life
  • Took a look inward on a regular basis with zero fear, and loved what you found
  • No longer carried around a full plate and felt no shame or guilt about it

Be Your Own Best Friend

A 4-week journey inward to uncover the ultimate truth: that you are powerful beyond measure and everything that you need to THRIVE is already inside of you.

Your 4-Week Journey Inward:

Week 1: In order to learn you must first unlearn

• The head •


In week 1 of Be Your Own Best Friend, we set the stage for (un)learning, healing, and growing throughout your journey inward.

Your brain processes upwards of 60,000 thoughts per day, and each thought causes a neuron to fire an electrical impulse. 60,000 electrical impulses firing around inside your head really creates a lot of static noise.

We start at the top with the brain so that we can cut out all of the noise and pave the way for a peaceful road forward.

This week, we go inward on...

✨ Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) - what they are and how to kill them
✨ IQ vs EQ (emotional intelligence)
✨ The 4 stages of learning and how to reverse engineer them
✨ Unlocking the true power of the brain

Week 2: Love, love, love over fear

• The heart •


In week 2 we go inward on our hearts - the epicentre of our love and our pain. 

All throughout your life, your heart has experienced trauma. This trauma, if left undealt with, remains suppressed within your heart and can interfere with your ability to express yourself and your innate gifts.

It’s time to face it head-on, my dear, and release what’s been hiding in the depths of your heart all of these years. 

This week, we go inward on… 

✨ Core wounds - how to identify and release them
✨ Heal broken hearts
✨ The importance of integrating forgiveness and compassion
✨  Addiction awareness

Week 3: There is power in movement, there is power in stillness

• The body •


In our third week, we focus on the immense power within our bodies.

First, you have the power to set healthy boundaries and say NO without attaching any guilt or shame to it.

Second, you can choose to move your body or you can choose for your body to be still - both acts are very important and allow you to release different things that are pent up inside you.

In movement, we activate neuromuscular pathways and our bodies are ALIVE.
In stillness… answers come.

This week, we go inward on…

✨ Suppressed vs repressed emotions
✨ The power of setting boundaries
✨ Releasing emotional trauma trapped in your body
✨ Emotional Freedom Techniques
✨ Connect with your body & listen to its subtle communication

Week 4: Truly see yourself through your own eyes

• The spirit •


In our fourth week of Be Your Own Best Friend, we focus on our breathing.

The word respiration contains the word “spirit” throughout it - and as the word spirit moves with the word respiration, so does our spirit move through us with our breath.

When you focus so intensely on your breath, you will look so deep within yourself that you will transcend all of your inner judgements and be witness to your true inner dialogue. You will uncover exactly what you think, how you feel, what you’re passionate about, what you’re curious about, and you will believe in your higher self.

This week, we go inward on…

✨ Meet and befriend your shadow
✨ Connect to your higher purpose and inner child
✨  Become a miracle magnet
✨ Breathwork exercises and take home tools

BONUS Week 5: Q&A Call

• The unanswered •


On our final week together, we'll meet to discuss all of the big questions I've received throughout the last 4 weeks and wrap up all of the questions you still have about any of the material we've covered. 

🖤 🖤 🖤

Each Wednesday at 7:30 PM EST there will be a 60-75 minute live group Zoom lesson, and one packet of “homefun” (not homework!) for you to complete in the few days following the lesson.

Homefun looks different every week and can consist of worksheets, writing exercises, videos, meditations, and activities.

The live lessons are recorded and will be uploaded into your members portal within 24 hours of recording, just in case you’re unable to make it live.

You’ll also be added to the BYOBF Instagram chat group for ongoing support and encouragement throughout the duration of the 4 weeks.


Be Your Own Best Friend is the perfect blend between science, spirit work, and sisterhood.

At the end of our four weeks together, not only will you have an immense appreciation and love for yourself, but you’ll have an arsenal of self-care tools that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. You’ll also be deeply connected with an entire tribe of women that will continue to uplift and support you long after BYOBF is over.

Hi Powerful Woman, 

I’m Carley Simandl, CEO And Founder Of Goddessa Beauty and Be Your Own Best Friend.

My lifelong mission and purpose is to connect women back to their bodies and show them how to deeply love themselves. 

It has been a theme in my life and ongoing journey. I can relate and testify to the power of tuning into the subtle messages from my infinitely brilliant body. 

In order to trust our body, we must first listen to it. The more we develop this trust, the deeper it gets. This is also how we sharpen our intuition and mind body awareness.

I created Be Your Own Best Friend to help women uncover the innate power within themselves - a power that can only be realized through self-love.

Meet my siSTAR, and the co-star of BYOBF

Brit Cassidy, CEO And Founder Of Aiyana Jewelry

My passion since childhood has always been the study of the mind and human behaviour. I dedicated my academic and professional career to the Sciences as a young adult studying Psychology, Neurobiology, and Psychoneuroimmunology. 

My life experience as well as academic background have provided me with ongoing opportunities to continue to learn how to master the mind. I have personally experienced, as well as witnessed profound transformations some of which were deemed medically 'impossible' simply by addressing patterns within the mind. The more we become aware of our thoughts, both subconscious and conscious, the more we can begin to shift out way of feeling, thinking and being. The mind, body connection is very powerful, and when mastered the possibilities are limitless. When we begin to become more aware of the way we think, feel and act towards ourselves, the more aware we become on the choice we have and self love always wins. When our mind shifts, our world shifts. 

What Other Women Are Saying About

Be Your Own Best Friend

Amanda Wilson-Ciocci

"As soon as I heard about Be Your Own Best Friend, I knew I wanted to be part of it. I often am the hardest on myself, holding myself to a higher standard than I do for others. Through this program and with Carley’s guidance we dove into the head, the heart, the body and the spirit. With the live calls and homefun exercises I connected to myself, and through this journey became comfortable and completely confident in who I am as a person, without resistance of showing that to the world.

This program was a beautiful reminder that we are worthy of every bit of success and greatness that comes into our lives, and through compassion, forgiveness and love we can see who we truly are meant to be in this world AND be our own best friends through the journey.

If you have a chance to join this program, do it! Carley’s wisdom and guidance is a gift you will give yourself to heal your past, be confident in the present and excited about your future, and through the journey, you will discover your own inner goddess!"

Shelly Paul

"The deep knowledge that Carley shares in this program is life changing.

I felt this program was perfect timing for me as it has been challenging keeping a positive mindset during this crazy time in history, and I’m an optimist (most days).

I now have tools to call on when I feel my mind shifting into a not so great place, as well as I’ve gained a different perspective which truly is priceless.

I didn’t want this program to end.

If this is the ONLY thing you give yourself this year-give this to yourself."

Lora Banks

"Be Your Own Best Friend is a crash course in LIFE! There aren't enough words to describe the importance and breadth of what was covered. As a woman and particularly as mother, I feel confident and equipped now, to walk my children though HUGE subjects like healing, forgiveness, controlling your perspective, and living from a place of love. In addition to having the pleasure of leading all of these lessons by example.

No one could deliver this much information as effectively as Carley. She is so smart, hilarious, kind, and an incredible teacher. Her inner peace and calm gives us all a visible goal to get after.

I am so grateful for this course, for Carley, and for all of the women taking on the personal responsibility of learning to truly love themselves. Together we'll lead the way to a higher level of living for the girls looking up to us now, and the women they'll become."

When You Become Your Own Best Friend… 

Your Life Completely Transforms✨ 

You Will Know Yourself Deeper Than You Ever Have Before

And the love that you feel when you look in the mirror will be unlike anything you’ve experienced

Your Belief In Yourself Will Be Unshakable,

And instead of walking around “faking it”, your confidence will radiate out from within you on the daily. 

Your Heart And Body Will Be At Peace

Because you will no longer be plagued with stress, tension, and uncertainty

Your Mind Will Be Free And Clear Of Negative Thoughts

Leaving room for your genius to flourish

Everything you get with

Be Your Own Best Friend


✨ 4x 60-75 minute live group Zoom lessons ($625 value)
✨ 4 weeks worth of homefun activities ($200 value)
✨ BYOBF members area with all content and lesson replays ($200 value)
✨ BYOBF Instagram chat group for ongoing love, encouragement, support, and direct access to me ($400 value)
✨ PLUS... 1 zesty mystery box of products customized to YOU from Goddessa Beauty + Aiyana Jewelry ($300 value)
✨ 1x 60-75 minute BONUS live group Zoom lesson ($150 value)


Total value: $1875
Be Your Own Best Friend: $575!

Prices listed are in Canadian dollars.
Equals ~ $459 USD.


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Be Your Own Best Friend will run each Wednesday from April 21st until May 19th.

These five weeks will transform your relationship with yourself... and you deserve that.

A sneak peek into your mystery box...

It wouldn't be a surprise if I revealed exactly what you were getting in your box, but here's what round 2 received in the mail!

Goddessa Beauty products are 100% all-natural, small batch, handmade products that help you connect with yourself on an intimate, deep level. 

Aiyana Jewelry is intentional, handmade jewelry and each piece is crafted with YOU in mind. No two pieces are the same.

The rest of the box? Truly a mystery until you open it up.

You're going to absolutely love what you find in there.

My Pinky Promise To You

I am so confident in the power of these teachings and how much they’re going to change your life, so Be Your Own Best Friend comes with a hassle-free no-risk guarantee.

If you come to each session, do the homefun activities, and don’t find that your life and your mind is completely transformed, I’ll give you your money back. 

Yes, it’s that easy. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

"BYOBF has been a huge stepping stone to my self love and care routine, it helps you understand your emotions, analyze your thoughts and take care of your body!" 
- Zuri Reynolds

Are you ready to step into true confidence and power in all areas of your life?

Join Be Your Own Best Friend today and find out what over 40 women already know... 


You are powerful beyond measure and everything that you need to thrive is already inside of you. 


Be Your Own Best Friend is currently CLOSED. Please join our newsletter to be notified when enrollment is open again.

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I know it can seem a little scary… the thought of going inwards and digging up suppressed emotions.

You might be nervous to look into your mind, heart, and soul and because you’re not quite sure what you’re going to find when you do…

And forgiveness might feel like a daunting task…

But the best part about Be Your Own Best Friend is that you’ll be in a safe container with other women looking inward on themselves, and you’ll have all of the sacred tools and support that you need to get through whatever you come up against.

✨ You will be seen.

✨ You will be heard.

✨ You will prevail.

And on the other side of this journey inward, you’re going to have a brand new appreciation and so much love for yourself that you will finally show up in the world as the unstoppable force that you are.

It’s already all inside of you - are you ready to let it out?

Be Your Own Best Friend Is currently CLOSED. Please join our newsletter to be notified when enrollment is open again.

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Goddess, your energy alone can shift the trajectory of an entire nation. Stop acting like you're not the powerful force that you are ✨

- Tania Hart

Ashley Howard

"BYOBF was truly a life changing experience for me! Everything Carley talks about comes from the heart and you can totally feel that. She is so supportive in so many different ways. I would do this program over and over again!"

Lori Berenz

"I highly recommend Carley and her work.  She is supportive, inclusive and polishes you up so that your inner light shines through. 

Through her work, she is able to bring the absolute best out of each and every person.  She holds space for the group to connect and interact and remains focused and effective as she facilitates each engagement.  Carley not only makes you want to be a better person, she gives you the roadmap to get there."

Julie Grace

"BYOBF is a program that all women should take! Carley is a beautiful shining soul and an absolute wealth of knowledge. She has a way of capturing her audience’s attention and sharing valuable information to support you on your healing journey. 

This program will teach you to release all that doesn't serve you and live from a place of authenticity. You will learn how certain beliefs are limiting you and how to change this thought pattern so that you can successfully go after your goals in life.
The program will give you the confidence boost and toolbox that you require to life your best life! I would highly recommend this program to all women. You will come away from it feeling refreshed, renewed and excited about the future."